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The right people for the right roles.


Workers at Meeting TableNiagara Partners is committed and passionate about helping your company find the right candidates. Whether you are a Global Investment Bank or a small start-up business, our process for identifying the right candidate is the same.

We first learn about your business, your culture and values, how your business generates income and who your direct competitors are.

After assessing the job duties of the vacant position, we start networking immediately within our industry related centers of influence gathering referrals as well as researching our pre-screened database of potential employees. Once we decipher the ideal profile for your role, we are able to generate a pool of applicants. From this pool of applicants, we then narrow down our submittal to our top candidates for you to interview. Once the interviewing begins, we take an unobtrusive approach and respect the process by simply acting as a liaison between client and the potential candidates. We field questions either party might have and act as a guide in the process. Once the process winds down and the candidate is identified, we act as an intermediary agent in respect to all salary negotiations.

Today’s business world is constantly changing, however, the keys to a successful business will always will be the same—surround yourself with the right people who are driven by common beliefs and admirable results will follow. Every candidate’s career path is different.

It is one of the elements that make our job so interesting.

It is uncovering what makes a candidate perfect for the position. When we interview a candidate, we try to get to know them on both a personal and professional level. Not everyone is suitable for sales and presentations and there are those that disfavor number-crunching deadlines, but some folks have fallen into these roles because of decisions they have made early in their career. They may present well in an interview, understand the role and its duties and subsequently be offered a position. We try to avoid this scenario for both the candidate and our clients. By working with us, you will find it is about hiring the right people for the right roles. We owe it to your business and our candidates.

Niagara Partner’s client list is extremely varied and this experience has given us the luxury of working on many different positions in many different industries. We consider ourselves an extension of each of our client’s business and take each and every position we work on very seriously. We are grateful for the relationships we have created.

Areas of expertise include:

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Nonprofit Development

Legal & Compliance

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